Episode 121: In the Zone

March 18, 2019

In this episode Jackie discusses the pitfalls of overusing our strengths or underusing our strengths. How do we find the zone in which our strengths are actually strengths for us?

Episode 120: Values in Action

March 11, 2019
Do you Know what your personal character strengths are? Can you identify how they have shown up in your life during a challenging times and not so challenging times? How can you connect with your signature strengths on a regular basis to live in alignment?

Episode 119: Young and in Recovery

March 4, 2019
One of our listeners wrote in and asked us to address the experiences of young people in recovery. Being a good 20 years younger than the people we are in the rooms with can be unsettling. This episode kicks off an ongoing exploration we are going to pursue learning about young people in recovery and their experiences.

Episode 118: What do the data say?

February 25, 2019
Why do things like journaling, charting, and keeping records come up as suggestions for behavior change so much? Because they make us use a different part of our brains- when it comes to change (recovery, healing, insert-your-favorite-term-here) the more of your brain you have to help you and the more ways you use your brain, the better off you may be in making the changes you want. Tune in today to learn how to collect data and use on yourself and your change process.


Episode 117: Little t traumas

February 18, 2019

In this episode, Jackie talks about little t traumas that often get missed or minimized in recovery and trauma work. As children growing up in dysfunctional homes we learn to not feel, not trust and not talk. These rules may help us live in our dysfunctional homes growing up, but they create problems in adulthood. Part of our healing is to see, feel, trust and talk about these little t experiences.

Episode 116: An Introduction to Socially Acceptable Addictions

February 11, 2019
In this new series, we are taking a look at the addictions that we like to celebrate.  Exercise, work, money, screens, and food restriction- why does it matter to address these when they are out of control.


Episode 115: Hidden Trauma Crash Course: Violence in the Workplace

February 4, 2019
While this is a remote possibility for most folks, it is the last thing you want to see happen at work.  Learn some of the predictors of workplace violence and how to stay safe.

Episode 114: Recovery Healing with your Adult Children

January 28, 2019
What do ammends and recovery look like in a family with adult children? There are some big differences in your relationship with your adult children to consider as you continue your work of bringing healing to every part of your life.


Episode 113: Recovery Healing with your Teens (14-18)

January 21, 2019
The teenage years are feared, by parents and their children. They don't have to be- tune in to learn how your recovery tools gained thus far can help you to be a more effective parent with your children who are on the fast-track to adulthood. Learn some key ways to make repairs in the family with your teenaged children.


Episode 112: Honor your Season

January 14, 2019

In this episode Jackie talks about the different seasons our planet goes through and how that correlates to our own personal seasons of life. Wherever you are in your own personal season, remember to honor that season and understand what each season in your life is doing for you and your journey.