Episode 67: Money, Power, and Sex with Deb Kaplan

January 15, 2018


We sit down with Deb Kaplan, author of "For Love and Money: Exploring Sexual and Financial Betrayal in Relationships" and a leading expert in issues related to sex and money.  Few people can break down these big, difficult issues like Deb can to help individuals and couples come out from under the stifling beliefs about sex and money.
Deb's website is www.debrakaplancounseling.com, and you can get her book here: http://debrakaplancounseling.com/book-for-love-and-money/  you can reach her directly at info@debrakaplancounseling.com
Deb also mentioned a series of articles in the New Yorker by Ronan Farrow- you can link to those articles here:

Episode 66: Sexism: Part 2

January 8, 2018


Jon and Jackie revisit their last solo show- where they started talking about sexism and each of our roles in continuing the conversation about it.  Jackie and Jon share personal stories and experiences that highlight how ingrained those ways of thinking and acting are.  It's all around us- like water to a fish.

Episode 65: Catching up with Carver

January 4, 2018
We are excited to share with you our conversation with Carver Brown.  You will recognize Carver's name as we have referenced him multiple times in different episodes. We finally caught up with Carver for a meaningful conversation about recovery basics and the magic that happens as we work the steps.
To learn more about the work Carver is doing for those entering the rooms of recovery, check out his FB page:    

Episode 64: “Me Too” with Alex Katehakis

December 18, 2017

This topic has started a national conversation for people in all walks of life.  Jackie and Jon sit down with Alex Katehakis, founder of the Center for Healthy Sex in LA (centerforhealthysex.com) to talk about the months of allegations of sexual misconduct in the news the last few months.  This is a moment in our national dialogue that pricks the sex addicts and partners of sex addicts that we work with.


Episode 63: Reducing Unnecessary Suffering with Honor Ashbaugh, MD, CSAT

December 11, 2017


Honor Ashbaugh is an internal medicine physician and a licensed therapist.  She brings her expertise to Thanks for Sharing to talk about anxiety, depression, and sleep problems as they relate to partners who have suffered intimate betrayal.  
Honor and a colleague are starting 6-day intensives for people who have suffered intimate betrayal.  You can link to the work she is doing at www.restorationstherapycenter.com.

Episode 62: The Gift in the Wound with Mari Lee

December 4, 2017
We were excited to sit with Mari Lee and talk about her upcoming book "The Gift in the Wound: Stories of Hope and Resiliency"  Mari, Jackie, and Jon all reflect on the changes and gifts that have come into their lives post trauma and heart-break.
Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and is recognized nationally and
internationally for her work with sex addicts and their partners. She is the
founder of Growth Counseling Services, a recovery center located in
Southern California. 
Mari is also the author of the best selling book, “Facing Heartbreak: Steps
to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts”, and “The Creative Clinician.” Her
next book, “The Gift in the Wound: Stories of Hope and Resiliency” will be
out in 2018. She is a popular speaker and presents across the country on
the topic of sex and love addiction, partner’s trauma and resiliency.
In addition to her clinical work, speaking and writing, Mari is known as “The
Counselor’s Coach”, and is a trusted business coach helping therapists
create multiple income streams and develop successful private practices.
She facilitates the popular on line coaching group, “Like A Boss”, and gives
generously to the clinical community with free information on her coaching
website blog. Mari has created a complete clinical packet for therapists in
private practice, as well as group therapy forms, and freebies on her
toolbox page as a support. For supportive information, materials and
workshops, please visit: www.thecounselorscoach.com
For further information and support, or if you are interested in hiring Mari
as a speaker for your organization, event, TV, radio, or pod cast show, you
may contact Mari at 818.521.4370, or reach her via email at:mari@thecounselorscoach.com

Episode 61: Mother Hunger with Kelly McDaniel

November 28, 2017

Jackie and Jon spoke with Kelly McDaniel recently about Mother Hunger and it's particular impact on women in sex addiction recovery- don't tune out men- this is good for you too!  Kelly is a renowned Sex Addiction Therapist, Author (Ready to Heal: Breaking Free from Addictive Relationships), and Trauma Therapist.  Buckle up and get ready to have more light shed on some of the darker corners of your psyche!

Be sure to get more of Kelly's work at www.kellymcdanieltherapy.com or at www.healingheartbreaktherapy.com

Episode 60: Vicki Tidwell Palmer- More Healing for Betrayed Partners

November 20, 2017
Jackie and Jon welcome Vicki Tidwell Palmer, author of Moving Beyond Betrayal: The 5-Step Boundary Solution for Partners of Sex Addicts.  Vicki, Jon and Jackie explore the nature and role of boundaries in recovery and Vicki offers some refreshing and useful perspectives on the experience and needs of betrayed partners.
Be sure to check out Vicki's website and blog for more on this conversation

Episode 59: Dan Griffin and the ‘Man Rules’

November 13, 2017

Dan Griffin talked with us recently about his work understanding men and men's issues.  Dan is the host of the fantastic Man Rules Podcast and is known for his unique way of approaching men and men's issues.  We talk about the concept of 'man rules' and 'women rules' and look at some recent events that highlight what is and isn't working with modern manhood.

You can connect with more of Dan's work at www.dangriffin.com or on Facebook @dangriffinma or on Twitter @authordgriffin.


Episode 58: Recovery Coaching with Amy Smith

November 8, 2017

Jackie and Jon sit down again with Amy Smith, the founder of Worth Recovery to talk recovery coaching.  What is a Recovery Coach?  How does coaching work with therapy and 12 steps?  Answers to these questions and more!

You can find out more about Amy and the recovery coaching she does at www.worthrecovery.com